Red Carpet Worthy Dresses That You Can Afford

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.27.50 AM
Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.27.50 AM

The dresses that walk across the red carpet cost thousands of dollars. The only time I have ever worn a dress that would be "red carpet" worthy is prom and my wedding day. I tried on about 20-30 dresses before I found my wedding dress and even then I wasn't really sure if it was "the dress." For my prom dress I had it made because I didn't like any of the dresses I was trying on. Did anyone else out there have the same trouble finding the perfect dress?

If only Fame & Partners had been around as I searched for my prom dress! I'm obviously WAAAAY too old for prom, but if I have another special occasion where I need a "red carpet worthy" dress I'm definitely checking out Fame & Partners.

Not only do they have dresses that are relevant to fashion trends, but you can customize the dress to your liking. You can change the color, you can make a dress separates, you can add sleeves, etc. Below is a little Q&A with the founder of Fame & Partners, Nyree Corby. I couldn't believe it when she said that there are over 4 million girls with fashion-focused blogs. WOW!!! Read on to learn more about what inspired the company, why she feels it's important to offer a customization option and if it's okay for 29 year-olds to were these dresses. =)

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Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.27.35 AM

1. What spurred on the idea to create Fame & Partners and why the name? 

I am a girl that loves fashion and technology. The mish mash of the two means that millions of girls are inspiring other girls, every day, with style inspiration; this is shaping a culture of girls that want an individual look; girls that are curating and creating fashion trends, not just following them.

There are over 4 million young women with a fashion-focused blog and yet very few fashion forward options for formal dresses. I wanted to bring the best of style options to young women around the world, for their special occasions; encouraging them to discover their own style profile and craft a look that is unique to them. Giving them the tools and support to do so.

We think that every girl should feel famous when she creates a look that is unique and special to her; it's kind of a tongue-in-cheek name in this celebrity obsessed world that is about finding the fame within and the partners, like confidence, that go with that.

2. Why is it important to offer customization? 

Every girl is unique! And every girl should have a dress that is unique to her - we think it's important for a girl to contribute to the process of making the look her own. That's why we offer customizable dresses, plus free stylists to complete the total look.

3. I'm 29 and I want to wear these dresses. Is that okay? I can totally see myself wearing these dresses to fashion events, cocktail parties and on dates. 

Absolutely! There are many Fame & Partners dresses in my wardrobe! Our customers are the fashion forward girls of the world that want that special dress for their special occasion, whatever their age.

Red Carpet Favorites - 2012 Oscars

I'm glad that I got to see many of the nominated movies before the big award show, but watching Hugo and The Artist take home most of the awards took away a bit of the excitement. Not to mention, I didn't see too many dresses that were eye catching this year. So, it was pretty easy for me to narrow down my two picks for best dressed at the Oscars this year... In first place, Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton.

Remember, how I talked about the comeback of the peplum? Well, here is proof that it's a worthy fashion statement. She looks completely adorable from head to toe.

In second place, Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford.

Her choice of dresses are always unique and elegant. She carries the tone of "understated glamor" better than anyone out there right now.

Who were your favorites?

Elie Saab

Awards season is underway and I always look forward to seeing what actors and actresses wear on the red carpet. However, I have yet to be really impressed so far this year - although it's the Oscars that are the main attraction and the event where stars pull out all of the stops to top the best dressed lists. 2010 couture shows have begun, and when I spotted Elie Saab's collection i thought, "This is what the actresses are going to fight over." Click the title to see photos from her 2010 Spring Haute Couture Collection.

Celebrity Comparison

natalie_keira_400Okay, guys, here's another one...Natalie Portman vs. Keira Knightely, which has better fashion sense?Again, one is American and one is British - both have amazing style! They have figures that high fashion clothes love to live on. Even their faces are similar. So similar, in fact, that one of Knightely's first on-screen acting gigs was Star Wars Episode 1 where she sometimes acted as a body double for Natalie Portman! Both of these girls are loved in my book, but do you think that one has superior red carpet style? NATALIE PORTMANnatalieportmannatalie-portnman-cannes2008nportmannatalie-portman-lanvin-cannes-2008nat_portman_280_412965a