I Heart Jumpers


A couple years ago jumpers and rompers made a return to the fashion scene. I remember everyone gasping and thinking, "Oh no! The 80's have made a complete return." You guys, I think it's safe to say that the 80's will never make a FULL comeback (phew). However, I am thankful to the 80's for the creation of leggings, fashion jumpsuits and the acceptance of big hair. And being more a fan of pants than skirts or dresses, I was pretty excited about the jumper's return and bought a Madewell one straight away (see old post here). Since then I've added a couple more to my closet. jumper3

I am REALLY loving this Free People jumper from Frances Vintage. It's made out of a VERY soft, breathable cotton. The crisscross straps and v-neckline are flattering for those that have fuller chests. I paired it with a black lace bralette also made by Free People and sold at Frances. Bralettes are made to be seen, offer incredible comfort and act more as a sports bra. I can actually do a hundred jumping jacks in this jumper. This outfit is THAT comfortable. Granted, I wouldn't recommend wearing heeled boots for that purpose, but style wise I loved wearing my ZARA boots with it.

Layer necklaces, add a hat or a denim jacket and you are set to go! If you are in the Phoenix area you can get the complete look at Frances. If not, get the look here: jumper, bralette and boots.

Photos by Kym Ventola


Madewell Romper

I'm 27 and I wear rompers, especially ones from Madewell. Last week I was in Boston and got to FINALLY visit a Madewell store. Being a die hard J.Crew fan, it has been KILLING me that we don't have a Madewell in Phoenix. This store is basically a more Anthropologie version of J.Crew. Yep, sounds awesome, right?

They have all of the same sales that J.Crew does, as well as 10% off discounts for students and teachers. I know this first hand because I scored an awesome military style romper on sale.

For some reason this romper was calling my name, so I tried it on and I loved it. Usually, I don't like wearing rompers because they're really annoying when you have to go to the bathroom. However, since this one is a button front it's great. haha! It also is a lovely fall color, so I'll be able to wear it a bit longer than bright coral or white. It's also a piece that you can dress up with tall wedges or down with casual sandals.

They have tons of ridiculously cute stuff, so make sure to stop by their online store OR visit one in person.

Rompers - You Can Do It!

How to Wear a Romper

The last time I wore a romper was when I was three and building sand castles on the beach. I'm 26 now, but that doesn't mean I'm too old to embrace the trend of these one-piece wonders. Here are some tips...

For fuller busts, pick a romper with a sweetheart neckline. Use a skinny belt to create more of a waist, which usually gets lost with one piece garments. Use a cardigan or a blazer to cover up a bit so that you don't look like you're trying to act like your 18. Accent your outfit with a chunky necklace and fun flats. High heels usually aren't the way to go unless you're going out on a date.