Emotional Clothes


Clothes are emotional. I was reminded of that on the last episode of Project Runway, and again today. When I'm happy I reach for bright colors, prints and dresses.

When I'm sad or stressed I STAY in my PJ's.


When I'm tired I reach for jeans and a t-shirt.


When I'm feeling extra pretty I wear dresses and skirts.

I dress with my emotions not because I want to send a message to the world, but because being such a visual person, clothes have the ability to impact my mood.

Today was a stressful, emotional day, and it started out with me staying in my PJ's until Noon. However, I decided to take a break and forced myself to hop in the shower, take extra time for my makeup and hair, and pick out an outfit I feel confident in. Granted, I'm still a bit bummed about my morning speed bumps, but I'm feeling much more positive and confident sitting in the exact same chair as before simply because I "dressed for success." Cheesy -I know, but it seriously can help turn frowns upside down. ;)

Photos: J.Crew, Elle, Heart Charlie, unknown.

Madewell Romper

I'm 27 and I wear rompers, especially ones from Madewell. Last week I was in Boston and got to FINALLY visit a Madewell store. Being a die hard J.Crew fan, it has been KILLING me that we don't have a Madewell in Phoenix. This store is basically a more Anthropologie version of J.Crew. Yep, sounds awesome, right?

They have all of the same sales that J.Crew does, as well as 10% off discounts for students and teachers. I know this first hand because I scored an awesome military style romper on sale.

For some reason this romper was calling my name, so I tried it on and I loved it. Usually, I don't like wearing rompers because they're really annoying when you have to go to the bathroom. However, since this one is a button front it's great. haha! It also is a lovely fall color, so I'll be able to wear it a bit longer than bright coral or white. It's also a piece that you can dress up with tall wedges or down with casual sandals.

They have tons of ridiculously cute stuff, so make sure to stop by their online store OR visit one in person.

Tuck It In.

It's time to start tucking those shirt tails and long tanks into your pants and skirts. Tucking in shirts is a trend that has been showing up since last fall, but it's now in full swing. Oxford shirts, t-shirts, tank tops and blouses can all be tucked into your skinny jeans, trousers, a-line skirts and pencil skirts. See below for some examples of different outfits with shirts tucked in. Fashion images by J.Crew.


Best Birthday Gifts

dress formYesterday I got the best birthday gifts from my family! They were dead on perfect for me. (Good job, guys)! 1. A dress form!!! I've been wanting one for awhile. It's so much easier to work on a dress form than your own body, especially when pinning things.

2. Magazine subscriptions! I love getting mail, and it's like Christmas every month to get a new magazine. Dwell, Time, Vogue, W, InStyle!!!

3. J. Crew gift card!!! I've been keeping a safe distance from J.Crew these days because I'm just in love with everything that store comes out with, and I don't know if I can hold myself back from a shopping spree...However, now with a gift card I can go and have some guilt-free fun!

dress formdwelljcrew

Stylist Cassie Sawhill

cassie81I've started receiving a weekly newsletter from FIDM containing event information and news about successful alumni. There was an article about Cassie Sawhill a graduate of FIDM in 2003 who is now a successful stylist. I had always wondered how people got paid to dress up celebrities and whether or not that was a career you just fell into or that you worked toward. In her case, it has been something that she has worked toward and now owns her own business. It always seems to be the people that love vintage shopping and bargain bins that make the best stylists, and Cassie's story is seals the deal.

Working at J.Crew I felt like I was a good judge of what worked on people and what didn't, but I don't know if I'm creative enough to help people that have all sorts of unique styles achieve a specific look. Maybe it's because I don't see my wardrobe making huge fashion statements. I have a very basic, casual style, but who knows...

I just know that it would be fun to help people play dress up everyday, however, I'm sure it's not as glamorous as icassie8web2t sweb8eems - nothweb4ing ever is..web1