This post is sponsored by Zappos and Clarks. 

Remember those color tests in magazines that would tell you if you're a winter, summer, spring or autumn? I always came out an autumn, but I don't really subscribe to the idea that fall colors are the only ones I can wear. However, my olive skin sure does favor them. So, now that my favorite and most flattering season is in full effect, I've partnered with Zappos and Clarks to show you how I wear fall in the west.

The biggest way I celebrate fall is sporting hues such as olive green, rust, cranberry, gray and warm browns. Rust, in particular, just so happens to be having a moment in the lime light. I fell in love with this silk blouse because of the rich color and because of the belle sleeves, which are also a hot fall trend to take note of. My style is always a bit of masculine and feminine, so I paired my new Clark booties with the romantic outfit, and accessorized with a trendy choker from Wanderlust + Co.

Along with wearing fall colors, the key to staying comfortable in the fall is to layer. The mornings and nights are cool in the desert and the days are hot. I took my summer body con dress and put it underneath my fall blouse. That may seem like an unusual pairing, but the recent NYFW runway showed a lot of unique proportions and layers. So, I encourage you to stand in your closet and rethink putting those summer pieces away for the winter. 

I also styled that same ivory summer dress with an olive green chunky knit turtleneck over it to give you another idea of how to layer. This will be a good outfit for a cool evening, and the casual quality of the knit goes so well these Clark boots.


If you're looking for a perfect fall boot that can be dressed up or down these are a dream. They are versatile in style and in color, and they are just as cute with black, navy, and well, the rainbow. Clarks is known for high quality leather and long lasting wear, so you can bet on wearing these for seasons to come. You can get yours with fast, easy shipping from I am a true size 10, and that's the size I ordered. I just wear typical ankle socks and they fit perfectly.

My favorite fall color of all is this muted, silvery teal. I wish there was a more concise name for this hue. I've owned this blouse for six years, and it remains my favorite shirt in my closet. The cool tone of it mixed with the warmth of my Clarks is perfection to me. This is my casual fall outfit to a T. Skinny jeans, booties, a button down and call it good. Well, maybe add a pumpkin spice latte and then it's style heaven for me.

Photography by Rennai Hoefer