Winter Boots - Over the Knee

Boots are THE shoe for fall and winter, and there are so many colors and styles to choose from. In winters past it seemed as though there were only high-heel and flat riding boots, but now (even more than last year) you have your oxford booties, over the knee boots, calf-high boots, motorcycle boots and those occasional snow bunny boots such as UGGS.

Now, which boots should you wear or buy? How do you even wear these different shoes?? Every week I'll feature a different type of boot and an outfit I would wear with it to help anyone that is a bit lost or overwhelmed by all of these choices.

Feel free to ask questions! And, if you're going to go shopping for boots, so far the best selection and reasonably priced boots can be found at Macy's.

fall 2010

fall 2010 by Alexandra Evjen featuring a merino wool cardigan

Now, ignore that my Polyvore model looks like the tin man, and notice a couple of things...

1. You don't have to look like Pretty Woman while wearing over the knee boots. Like any other boot they work well with skinny jeans tucked in, leggings and knit tights (as shown).

2. If you're wearing mostly black, wear brown boots and vice versa. No longer should you dress so matchy matchy.

3. If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, there should be noticeable difference between where the boot stops and the skirt begins.

4. These boots look best when they don't have a heel mainly because you avoid the stripper, Pretty Woman look that way.

My all time FAVORITE knee high boots are the Stuart Weitzman 50/50's. They fit any leg because they have leather in the front and Lycra down the calf. They have been selling for MANY years - long before the fashion trend. However, they cost about $600. EEEK!

So, my next boot choice would be Cole Haan's Air Marisol boots. They cost $349 at Macy's. Again, that's a large chunk of change, but any boot is going to be an investment. AND this style is going to be back next year because it's the first year they've really shown up. Trends usually stay for two years at the least.

My third choice would be the Jessica Simpson Botta Over the Knee Riding Boots. They actually look like they would hit by knee because my legs are longer than most, but I think the style is really classic and I like the hardware.

Good luck boot shopping! If you need a shopping buddy, give me a holler!