Swimsuits are like jeans. Both items are wardrobe essentials and fit is key. This also means that shopping for them is not always easy. However, swimsuit shopping doesn't always have to be a dreaded task. Be realistic with your standards and your body. Know what kind of swimsuit you're in the market for. (A.K.A. Will you be sipping mojitos in a lounge chair or chasing the kids around the backyard in the sprinklers?) What I love about swimsuits this season is the wide range of cute one pieces available. The designs are anything but plain and there's a great assortment of fun cutouts and funky patterns to choose from. 

Below you'll find my top swimsuit picks. Get a head start on your swimsuit search by clicking on the small boxes at the bottom to start shopping. It's never too early to start dreaming of summer vacation.

Swim Suit Picks

Photos by Jaci Marie. Model: Summer Bellessa. 

Swimwear 2010

Alright, let's talk swimwear ladies. Most of us hate shopping for swimsuits because we feel super pale and self conscious. So, before you go shopping for swimsuits, take some time to remember how beautiful each of you are, don't eat a gigantic meal, wear something that makes you feel confident and take your bff with you for support. (If you don't have a bff, call me up and I'll go with you).

The AWESOME news is that swimwear has come a LOOOONG way and it's just getting better and better.

For bikinis, they are looking and feeling more like your bra and underwear. I mean, how many of us have just said, "Why can't I look as good in a bikini as I do in my bra?!" Well now you can because you have the option of wearing boy shorts, high-waisted retro bottoms and under wire in your top.

As for one pieces, well, one pieces are in style!!! Yay! I love wearing a one piece swimsuit, and I'm so glad people will no longer look at me like I'm some weirdo because I prefer one pieces.

Here are my 2010 Swimwear picks...

Lime Ricki Swimwear

limerickiswimwear1It's summer, and for Arizonans that means that you live in your pool from May until September. I've been on the hunt of a modest swimsuit that looks cute and not "grannyish." Well, I've found the mother load!!! I'm all for bikinis, especially when I need to work on my tan, but when I'm swimming with my guy friends I just feel super self conscious of my chest and body. I've always felt more comfortable in one pieces, but most of the time they're ugly, they don't fit my long torso and my chest is still va va voom, if you will.

I discovered Lime Ricki off a blog and thought I'd give them a try. Their whole philosophy is modesty with style. Their prices are in line with most places and I'm definitely a satisfied customer!

I purchased the "Ava" swimsuit...I love it! It's lined, has padding, it's long enough in the torso too! I'm a size 8 and I ordered a medium.


Unfortunately, due to the high response of their summer collection, they've sold out of a lot of styles. Keep checking their blog for updates. I know that they're restocking some today.

Here are some of their other swimsuits...