Swimsuit Shopping Simplified


We all hate swimsuit shopping. It's the time of year when we can over analyze our bodies and feel discouraged with our "imperfections." It seriously can take the joy out of swimming and fun moments with our friends and families. Let's try to not let that happen this year as you search for your perfect suit. Check out my latest shopping guide with Ebay where I share three tips to simplify your shopping experience: How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit.

5 Spring Trends from the 70s


Spring is almost here, and if you're in Arizona it has most definitely arrived. The trees have fresh green leaves on them and the flowers are blooming...The air smells like orange blossoms and jasmine, and I'm pretty much in my happy place right now. Spring fashion is also blooming along with nature, and you are going to find a lot of new styles that look like old ones, specifically styles from the 1970s. We all could use more peace and love anyway, right?

Check out my latest article with Ebay to see what they all are, but I promise you this picture contains two of them. Can you guess what they are?!

(Fringe swimsuit by Clementine Surfwear. It's hand dyed and made in CA.)

Beach Style

Not too long ago I visited beautiful La Jolla, California, and fell in love with all of the little clothing boutiques close to the beach. Granted, most of the clothes in the shops were pretty pricey, but the well curated "beachy" looks were enticing enough for me to want to never leave the beach or at the minimum implement more of that style this summer as I stick close to my pool. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about...You may never want to take your swimsuit off!

1. One piece bathing suit with a maxi-skirt accessorized with sunnies and a hat. EASY A! (Source)


2. Preppy cable-knit sweater over a bikini with a fabulous bag. (Source)


3. Bikini top with a flirty skirt. (Source)


4. Crochet and lace tops over your swimsuit with cut-offs. (Source 1, source 2)

Lands' End Canvas

I've been in the market for a new bathing suit since the weather started heating up. Something that you may not know about me is I'm a "one-piecer." I've been one my whole life. I've tried bikinis, but I've never felt comfortable in them and I love swimming and the beach too much to always feel uncomfortable.

This week my search for this year's swimsuit came to a close when I received my Lands' End Canvas Summerland red striped swimsuit in the mail. I LOVE IT! It has detachable straps, it fits in all of the right places and it has great coverage and support.

I've been watching Lands' End Canvas for the past year, but had yet to order anything until now. I love their prices, they always have good sales and regular free shipping codes. I also found out that Lands' End is linked to Sears, so if something doesn't fit and you would like to return it, you can actually take it to your local Sears store. Cool, eh?

The BIGGEST reason why I love this company is that their customer service and follow through is fantastic! Two weeks after placing my online order, they mailed me a handwritten thank you note. You guys, even my address and the return address was handwritten. That is SO rare these days, and I really appreciate the extra mile.

Sunny Days Ahead

Right now I'm dreaming about lying on the beach, listening to the waves crash on the shoreline and chatting up a storm with my friends. I'm excited to say that my dream is getting close!!! Beachwear should be stress free, but so often we find ourselves the most stressed out about beach clothes because we can feel self-conscious about our bodies. So, I try to avoid trying too hard and keep things simple by sticking to the basics...

Sunny Days Ahead...

Sunny Days Ahead... by Alexandra Evjen featuring round sunglasses Lightweight cotton v-neck t-shirts, cut-off denim shorts, fun sunglasses, a hat to protect you from the sun, sandals that go with everything, a beach bag (canvas or straw are always great) and a bathing suit you feel great in. I, personally, stick to one pieces because that's what I feel the most confident in, and confidence is the best accessory, right?

For makeup, bright coral lips are what I'm diggin' right now, bronzer to enhance any kind of tan or cover up a sunburn, bright nail polish that shows up in the water and waterproof mascara.

Beach wavy hair too, of course!

What are some of your beach staples other than a pina colada and good book?