Two Years of Bliss

wedding1Well, today is my 2 year wedding anniversary! YAY! I can't believe I said "I do" two years ago! It sure has been a great adventure. I'm so thankful to have the awesome support of our friends, family and church. Thank you to everyone for the prayers over the years. We've come across many skeptics on our path. So many people out there don't support the institution of marriage anymore or they thought we were too young.  Well, today is proof of one of the best decisions we've ever made!

Also, this past weekend was Ryan's graduation. Check out the video Yasmine took of his name being called...So proud!


Art of Life

892The young adults of my church, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, is hosting a night called the "Art of Life" tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7:30PM.  It's all about experiencing and celebrating the art deeply embedded within us all. Surrounding cities and communities are invited to enjoy an eclectic collection of art forms including live music, fine art, photography, multimedia, live hair design, fashion, metalwork and multiple interactive installations. I've submitted some of my stuff that will be hanging up and I'd love for anyone who's available to come check this evening out!

Also, I have a couple new images up! Some of my old stuff and one new sketch of mine...alexandra_evjen_fashion_6237