Session 9 Photography

session932Jessica and Jason Williams are two great friends of mine that are incredibly talented and have recently/finally started their photography company - Session 9. Jason and Jessica are fantastic parents of Cruz and amazing worship leaders at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. They are also blessed with this natural talent to capture moments with families and friends. If you're in need of some up-to-date photos of your family or you want to give someone a great birthday gift, do a fun photo shoot with Session 9! Ryan and I are going to be doing a photo shoot with the Williams later this summer in Sedona. We're so excited to have some new photos of us other than wedding/engagement pictures. haha. Since they are starting up their business, prices start at the awesome price of $100.00 and are set based upon the type of photo shoot (wedding, portrait, engagement, birthday, etc.) If you would like to get an estimate or book a session, email

Here is some of their amazing work...They are kicking off their new website within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime they are showcasing their work on Flickr.


Art of Life

892The young adults of my church, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, is hosting a night called the "Art of Life" tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7:30PM.  It's all about experiencing and celebrating the art deeply embedded within us all. Surrounding cities and communities are invited to enjoy an eclectic collection of art forms including live music, fine art, photography, multimedia, live hair design, fashion, metalwork and multiple interactive installations. I've submitted some of my stuff that will be hanging up and I'd love for anyone who's available to come check this evening out!

Also, I have a couple new images up! Some of my old stuff and one new sketch of mine...alexandra_evjen_fashion_6237