One Piece Three Ways Part 2

I'm continuing yesterday's post on how to style three outfits using one central piece of clothing. This time I'm in front of the camera and Alejandra took the pictures. I've chosen to focus on stripes. Stripes are continuing to be huge in fashion, and you no longer have to fear them.

I decided to style three different outfits based on different types of personal style such as preppy, artsy and feminine. I did this because I know a lot of outfit posts that you see on fashion blogs showcase great style, but you may not personally relate to it. I wanted to create something for everyone with this exercise.

1. The Bold Artist - Combining bright colored pants and mismatched patterns is definitely bold, but it's also so fun. I'm the person that likes to dress for their mood, and sometimes I get the urge to put unusual things together to express my spunky attitude.

The great thing about black and white striped shirts is that they truly go with everything.


Now, I would classify my everyday style as preppy, so this look comes straight from my usual line up of outfits.

I love my jeggings, I love wearing blazers and I often wear neck scarves. To me, this is an easy, classic outfit that I know I can rely on for style and comfort.

Last, but not least, is a very feminine east coast outfit. Tweed is one of my favorite things about fall and winter. So, I put my long-sleeved shirt underneath my tweed jumper, added some colored tights, and topped it off with some classic round-toe pumps. So feminine, flirty and happy.

Don't forget that your shirts can often go underneath things and not just over them.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series and are inspired to create outfits from your closet. A little creativity could spare you a shopping trip and money!

To hear from Alejandra what it was like to photograph this experience, click here.

Handmade Goodies

I'm so blessed to be connected with so many creative people in this world! I know several people that have side businesses creating handmade items that are SO adorable I wanted to share them with you.Katelyn Block - Domestic Charm She bakes some of the most beautiful and creative cakes out of her home. If you're having a birthday party, bridal or baby shower or wedding, definitely give her a ring! Plus, she has a great blog that you should subscribe to get yummy recipes!

Tarrah Ritchie - Laila's Lovelies She makes fun, eclectic bags that can brighten up any outfit. She just had a beautiful baby boy named Patrick, so she has taken a break for a bit from sewing, but she's back in the swing of things. She has even started a blog sharing her designs loves. Tarrah's also a very accomplished artist, so I'm really excited to see what else comes out of Laila's Lovelies.

Emily Hall - Emilee Rose Designs I went to high school and was in youth group with Emily. She is an amazing artist that has pursued her talents and recently started her own stationary business. She also has a blog that shares her new products and life updates. Make sure to check her out next time you're in the market for stationary or invites!

Danielle Axtell - Baby Mae Couture My dear friend Danielle has started her own baby line that just got picked up by some local boutiques. If you want to buy a unique gift for an infant or toddler, check Baby Mae out! I just had a dress and bib made for my niece's first birthday. Picture will be coming, but until then check out her stuff! She also has a great blog that shares her life and fun finds.

Amber Crudele -Crochet Addict I've never gotten to meet Amber, but she is a dear friend of my sister-in-law, Nicky, and she crochets some of the cutest things. From teddy bears to coffee cozies, check Amber's Etsy page for unique, handmade gifts.

Alexis Lundberg - That's Sew Lexi Lexi is very talented with a sewing machine and started a business sewing aprons that are the perfect a wedding shower gift. Not only do you get to pick your own colors, but she personalizes each one with a message or verse of your choice to be kept in the pocket of the apron. I had one of these made for a best friend of mine, and it felt so good to give her something more personal than a picture frame.

Two Trusty Colors

blackandwhiteBlack and white are the two colors you can always fall back on when you need something to match or just don't feel like putting tons of effort into your outfit. My mom is the person that has a wardrobe of mostly black because it looks good on her and it goes with everything. I think I would get bored of those two colors dominating my wardrobe, but they will always remain the two colors that every wardrobe requires. Little black dresses, funerals, wedding gowns...timeless.

Emma Watson

emma-watson-2I'm a Harry Potter fan, and I'm so excited for the new movie coming out on July 15, 2009! While falling in love with J. K. Rowling's creation, I've also become a big fan of Emma Watson. She is a rising style icon. Vena Cava and Burberry have taken notice of her amazing style, as well as Elle U.K. by placing her on the cover. Here are some outfits and ad campaigns to further prove her fashion expertise...