Styling prints can be hard. In fact, just finding a print that you really like can be a challenge. So many of my personal styling clients have said this to me at one point or another, so I thought I would show you how I style my printed pants.

The trick to prints is to keep things simple. Everyone needs to have the basics in their closet to rely on for the moment you find an amazing pair of pants or a skirt. The basics you need are: 

  • White, gray and black v-neck t-shirts
  • White, gray and black scoop-neck t-shirts
  • Chambray, white, gray and black button down shirt
  • Black, gray and denim jackets/blazers/cardigan
  • Black and dark denim jeans
  • Black pencil skirt
  • Black simple dress

If you have these things you really can't go wrong when styling your printed skirts or pants. Here's what it looks like to simply add a denim jacket over your t-shirt.

It totally changes the look and feel of the outfit doesn't it? In Arizona it's hard for me to justify wearing a jacket now that the temps have climbed to the 90's, but I sure love how classic they are. This one is from Goldies and is only $52. 

Here is what it looks like to opt for a chambray shirt. It's just as simple as a t-shirt, but the collar adds a little more sophistication. 

Get the whole look here: Gray t-shirt, patterned pants, denim jacket, gold necklace and chambray shirt.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Jumpsuits & Rompers


I hope every girl has a jumpsuit or romper in their closet. They are so easy to wear and to move in. You can have such style in the simplest way by just putting it on and walking out the door. I don't even feel like I need to accessorize these outfits to make a statement, whereas with a dress I often feel like I need to wear a statement necklace or stellar earrings.

LE TOTE sent me both of these incredible pieces as part of a trial of their personal shopping service. If you are someone that needs help shopping or you don't have the time for it definitely check out their site. They send you a box of three clothing pieces and two jewelry items every month. Whatever you keep you pay for and what you don't want you send back. All of the shipping is free. How easy and awesome is that?


*This post is sponsored by LE TOTE*

Texidor Family Portraits

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity do some personal shopping with Josie Texidor, and helped pick out outfits for a family portrait photo shoot with Mike Olbinski. Josie and Dave have three ADORABLE children, and they are all carrot tops. (Crossing my fingers that my future children some day end up with red hair t00). Josie rightfully recommended colors of green and blue, so that's exactly what we did, and it turned out perfectly for a spring portrait session.

We found Violet's dress first. It's usually best to start with a little girl because a lot of the time all you have to choose from is neon pink, pale purple and crazy flower patterns. We ended up finding an adorable kelly green dress.


We then moved on to the boys, and found a really cute bright blue and white gingham button down shirt for Drew, and a pale blue button down for Collin. We picked jeans and some comfortable kicks to complete their outfits.

We then moved on to Dave, finding a bright blue cotton v-neck at Macy's and then a bright blue and white striped shirt at American Eagle to keep the theme consistent. However, we really wanted to show off that bright blue, so we put his v-neck over his button-down. This is a great spring alternative to the v-neck sweater.

We saved Josie for the end. At first, we couldn't find anything because bright blue and green aren't necessarily the colors of the season. There was plenty of coral thoughl. We ended up finding a navy and white striped cotton dress PERFECT for spring and summer. We then found a white cardigan and bright blue skinny belt to complete her look. Josie added some cute wedges and an adorable hat for fun.

Mike Olbinski picked a great location for them, and definitely captured the love this family has for each other. You can see more photos of their portrait session here.