Levi's Nursery Reveal - AVE Styles

I can't believe Levi is a toddler. Where has the time gone? Recently, Anthropologie and I partnered to update Levi's nursery to a toddler room featuring their adorable toddler bedding. Now that Levi knows animals and can make their sounds he especially love this animal bedding. 

I was really nervous to change a thing because I loved it the way it was, but when we knew we had to get rid of his other rug due to allergies I thought it was a great opportunity to add a bit of boho flair to it similar to our master bedroom.

Black, tan, navy, gray and white are all neutral colors I love and I decided to put them all into one room. I also mixed stripes, polka dots and other patterns along with the animal bedding to create a bohemian feel. 

Levi's favorite part of his updated room is the bunny. It's the softest, cutest stuff animal I have ever felt. It's a great gift for a little one. 

Adding kid elements to such a rich room is important to me. That's why I love this little giraffe planter. That's also why I love his kiddish bedding, and why I added a polka dot pill size pillow.

One of the sweetest things of converting his crib into a toddler bet is that I get to snuggle with him even more. Now to keep him in his bed...

Photography by Rennai Hoefer; this post contains affiliate links. Product was given as payment for images of this room.


This post is sponsored by World Market. 

Experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a child is magical. The excitement they have for their stockings, the twinkle lights and all of the ornaments doesn't even compare to mine. So, it makes complete sense to me to sprinkle some of the holiday magic in their bedrooms. I've partnered with World Market to show you how I've added some holiday cheer to Levi's nursery.

His nursery is already rich in color with navy blue, gray, maroon, and gold making up the majority of the color palette (see his original makeover here). Bright red would obviously clash, so I went with more of a woodland theme for his room with a touch of muted reds. World Market had everything I needed even down to the little critters of the forest like glittery porcupines and foxes.

Since the mirror is the focal point of his room I added a wooden star in the center and some greenery on top. I also picked up the coziest gray and white throw. I really want to steal it and put it in my living room now.

I also added a gold garland to his crib that says "happy holidays" (note: I do not recommend placing a garland on your crib if your child is older than a newborn. They could potentially pull it off and strangle themselves. I just wanted to place it here for an additional idea if you're bring home a newborn for the holidays).

I put a 7ft tree in his room with strands of popcorn and fruit loops (placed out of his reach), and I placed all sorts of little critters around his room. 

I think my favorite is this little fox with a plaid scarf. I also found the cutest advent calendar made out of wood (in store only). Counting down to Christmas makes everything more exciting don't you think?

Reading Christmas stories at bedtime is one of my favorite childhood memories. I found the old book my mom used to read to me during Christmas time and pulled it out for Levi. I also found a cozy, fuzzy pillow for his chair and changed out his brass cacti planters for brass stars. It really is the coziest reading nook!

Of course, I've added some cheer to his minimalist, modern bookshelf. This lumberjack nutcracker is the perfect touch for a little boy's room. A little reindeer too for good measure.

Stay tuned for Elle's room, and shop Levi's nursery below. World Market is going to have an amazing black Friday sale too. Be sure to be on the look out Wednesday night!


All photos by Rennai Hoefer; this post contains affiliate links.