Levi's Nursery Reveal - AVE Styles

I can't believe Levi is a toddler. Where has the time gone? Recently, Anthropologie and I partnered to update Levi's nursery to a toddler room featuring their adorable toddler bedding. Now that Levi knows animals and can make their sounds he especially love this animal bedding. 

I was really nervous to change a thing because I loved it the way it was, but when we knew we had to get rid of his other rug due to allergies I thought it was a great opportunity to add a bit of boho flair to it similar to our master bedroom.

Black, tan, navy, gray and white are all neutral colors I love and I decided to put them all into one room. I also mixed stripes, polka dots and other patterns along with the animal bedding to create a bohemian feel. 

Levi's favorite part of his updated room is the bunny. It's the softest, cutest stuff animal I have ever felt. It's a great gift for a little one. 

Adding kid elements to such a rich room is important to me. That's why I love this little giraffe planter. That's also why I love his kiddish bedding, and why I added a polka dot pill size pillow.

One of the sweetest things of converting his crib into a toddler bet is that I get to snuggle with him even more. Now to keep him in his bed...

Photography by Rennai Hoefer; this post contains affiliate links. Product was given as payment for images of this room.