'Tis the season to be mismatched. No more red pants with only black, gray and white on top! No more navy separated from black! No MORE sticking to just jeans because they go with everything. In the words of Darkwing Duck, "Let's Get Dangerous!" Are you with me?!

Why the cheerleader speech?

Well...1. I've always wanted to be a cheerleader. 2. I was sitting at a restaurant last night, and all I saw was a sea of black, brown, gray and navy. It was SO dull! Right now fashion is in this really interesting time where the only way you can screw up an outfit is for everything to match.

Seriously, though, this is SUCH a fun time in fashion where you can step outside of the box, and dress yourself like you were a little kid or something. You can wear your favorite plaid shirt under your striped sweater, add a polka dot skirt and step out of the house.

So, live a little my friends. Mismatch your clothes, and I promise you'll look more fashionable that usual. Don't believe me? Well, then listen to your favorite stores such as J.Crew, Anthropologie and Madewell.

Photos: Fashionising, Sartorialist, Citizen Couture, The Chriselle Factor, Madewell

I'm Blushing

Teal and bordeaux have been called the colors of the season, but something I'm finding a bit interesting is that the color blush is still hanging around from the summer. I love this pretty soft color, and I know it will continue to be a part of spring. Brights are going to remain hot in the new year, so you may want to invest in this color to calm your eyes.

High Style Fancy, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dorothy Perkins, Sarvanas

Weekend Deals

AAAAC-z5cXAAAAAAAFQLAQThis weekend I had the best luck finding great, quality clothes for very low prices. J CREW  had additional 20% off the lowest price on their sale items. Pretty darn incredible when you see what I paid for certain items. I also found cute, yellow Steve Madden flats for a screaming deal and they were the last pair in the store. =) I couldn't find a picture of the exact white pants I bought, but they were tweed with gold buttons on top. They were originally over $100.00, but I got them for $31! I found a cute gold mini skirt that will be great for all seasons. I can definitely see it being paired with black leggings for winter. I got it for $15!!! I'm not sure how much the yellow Steve Madden shoes were originally, but when I went to find them online they were only marked down to $35, but i got the last pair for $19! Lastly, I found this gray pencil skirt on a second pass in J. Crew while shopping for Ryan, and it fits perfectly. Only $19! These are all items that I see being worn for a long time, and staples in my growing "professional" wardrobe.




sateen pencil 12541 88

Affordable Saks Fifth Avenue

StevenAlanSaks Fifth Avenue is having a huge sale! Designer items are 70% off. Although, most people that I know would just look the other direction because Saks is a store that carries luxury items; however, I've found some really great things for under $100.00. I don't care whether something is last season or five years ago...If it looks great and the price is right, count me in!









Asymmetrical Clothing

oneshoulderLast season on Project Runway Natalie Portman was a guest judge, and she made a comment that sort of surprised me...She said that she didn't like asymmetrical clothing. Personally, I love one-shouldered dresses and tops! I think there's an elegance about them. What do you think? Do you agree with Ms. Portman or do you enjoy asymmetrical fashions?