Perfect Jeans

Why does it seem like we're always on a quest for perfect jeans? Maybe because our bodies are constantly changing? Maybe because the washes and styles are always changing? I would say that both of those reasons can be true for me, and so I'm ALWAYS on the hunt.

Well, last week I was invited to attend an event called Mirror Mirror that was put on by LEVI'S. What really enticed me to go was that they were offering free makeup and hair styling along with a jean fitting to help you find the BEST fit for your body. The event was free and smack in the middle of ASU.

They not only offered the whole styling smorgasbord, but had a little photo booth area to take a picture in your jeans and the chance to vote for ASU to win a $10,000 grant toward women's academics, athletics or the arts. Being a Sun Devil, I had to support my school, right?!

I had a blast!

LEVI'S used an interesting measurement contraption that actually measured my natural waist in addition to my hips. This way they could tell the ratio of my hips to my waist and see if I was a slight, demi, bold or supremely curvy fit. I came out as a demi, they gave me a card with my exact size, and picked out some dark denim skinnies for my to try on.


I highly recommend visiting your local LEVI'S store if you're in search for new jeans. AND...if you you purchase your jeans online and use the code "sundevils," you'll get 30% off of your purchase. This discount is only for today only though. Have fun!

So Proud!

ryan1Today is a big day for the love of my life, Ryan Evjen. He has his last class EVER before walking across the stage on Saturday morning in his cap, gown and hood (so fashionable) to receive a Masters of Science in Information Management from Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business. I couldn't be more proud! It has been a long journey for us. He has worked a full-time job, while going to school full-time (night classes), continuing to work on his side business (Visdom, LLC), being a wonderful husband, brother, son and friend. He sure deserves a vacation and a margarita! Thankfully, we have a summer to relax with each other before I embark on the same journey. Whew!

Thank you to all of our friends and family out there for loving and supporting us through this season. Your prayers and encouragement have gone a long way!

Please pray for Ryan during this last final exam (6pm tonight).

These should be maragaritas....or beer.

You Know You Got Accepted When...

fidmpolkadotsSo, I got my official acceptance letter and guess what came with it?! A TOTE BAG!!! You know you're going to a fashion school when they send you a tote bag with your acceptance letter. haha. I also found out that one my classes at ASU counts for one of the classes in my curriculum for FIDM. That's one less class I have to take and hopefully can graduate faster. =)

No real developments though. Jobs are a big part of the process and right now things are not looking too bright. School starts in October, so we have five months to find jobs and a place to live in either L.A. or San Francisco. Again, if you know of anything in IT industry out there, please let us know! Please pray for us too!fidmtote-bag