Status Update

updateFor those that I see on a regular basis, this may not be new. However, for all of the rest of's an Evjen update. Ryan had his last day at Arizona State University on Tuesday. He recently accepted a job at meltmedia as a junior project manager. This is going to be a great place for him to grow professionally within the tech industry. We feel so blessed that God has given Ryan a job in a huge recession, and I'm so excited for the relationships that he'll create in his new workplace. Ryan will also continue his work with Visdom, LLC.

This obviously begs the question as to whether or not I still plan on attending FIDM...Abso -freakin'-lutely! Ryan took this new job with the company being aware that I had applied to this school. Due to the fact that we were unsure of when we'd be able to go, he accepted this job. While in limbo, this will give him a great skill set! Ryan and I are still on the hunt for employment in California, but because Cali has the highest rate of unemployment in the nation we're not going to hold our breath. So, this means that I may have to defer my acceptance to a later date unless we find something within the next two months (fingers crossed). There is a possibility that Ryan may be able to move to San Francisco with meltmedia, but that's a very small chance.

So, how am I feeling with all of this? It's a mixture of emotions...As a wife, I couldn't be happier! I have a husband that's over the moon happy! When he's happy, I'm happy. As a professional, I feel frustrated, hopeless, envious and impatient. I want to be able to go to school and work at my dream job right now too. (Oh, this intricacies of marriage! Wouldn't trade it for a second though.) In the end, I'm just thankful that God is alive and knows me better than I know myself. That's just a hard truth to swallow when I've finally taken a huge leap of faith in myself and abilities, applied to FIDM and got accepted. Ya know? On the bright side, I'm extremely thankful I have a great job when so many don't in these hard times. I'm also glad to have a fantastic husband that is VERY supportive of my endeavors and wants to see me succeed too.

Well, please continue to pray for us, and I'll keep you all posted!

So Proud!

ryan1Today is a big day for the love of my life, Ryan Evjen. He has his last class EVER before walking across the stage on Saturday morning in his cap, gown and hood (so fashionable) to receive a Masters of Science in Information Management from Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business. I couldn't be more proud! It has been a long journey for us. He has worked a full-time job, while going to school full-time (night classes), continuing to work on his side business (Visdom, LLC), being a wonderful husband, brother, son and friend. He sure deserves a vacation and a margarita! Thankfully, we have a summer to relax with each other before I embark on the same journey. Whew!

Thank you to all of our friends and family out there for loving and supporting us through this season. Your prayers and encouragement have gone a long way!

Please pray for Ryan during this last final exam (6pm tonight).

These should be maragaritas....or beer.

You Know You Got Accepted When...

fidmpolkadotsSo, I got my official acceptance letter and guess what came with it?! A TOTE BAG!!! You know you're going to a fashion school when they send you a tote bag with your acceptance letter. haha. I also found out that one my classes at ASU counts for one of the classes in my curriculum for FIDM. That's one less class I have to take and hopefully can graduate faster. =)

No real developments though. Jobs are a big part of the process and right now things are not looking too bright. School starts in October, so we have five months to find jobs and a place to live in either L.A. or San Francisco. Again, if you know of anything in IT industry out there, please let us know! Please pray for us too!fidmtote-bag