Traveling with a Three Year Old

The Henry093web
The Henry093web

We just got back from our nine day trip to Boston and New Hampshire. It was wonderful to spend some time in the city, on a lake and by the ocean. Ryan and I were pretty nervous though because the last time we traveled across the country Elle was nine months, old and it wasn't very relaxing. This time I decided to make sure to pack EVERYTHING I would need to entertain her on a 5 and half hour flight.

I am happy to report my preparation paid off and she was completely content on both flights to and from the east coast. Here's what I packed (not everything is shown in the photo):

The Henry086web
The Henry086web


- Coloring book - Washable crayons - Re-stickable sticker book - Headphones for kids - iPad loaded with all of the Toca Boca apps (They're the best) and a couple of movies - Circus animal crackers - Pretzel - Gold fish - Granola bars - M&M's (it's our potty reward too) - Dollar store prizes for being good on the plane. (Every time the captain talked on the speaker she would get a prize. This put the control in a person she couldn't see and she patiently waited for him to talk again). - Water bottle

I was a walking convenience store, but it sure worked. I put all of this stuff in my new Casey Sibley canvas travel bag. It has all of the pockets I need. Plus, I highly recommend using a bag with a cross body strap for those hands free moments.

As long as you can keep your three year old busy with games and activities you should be set for your trek across America!

Photos by Gina Meola

I Love L.A.M.B.

l.a.m.b.shoeGwen Stefani is a fashion icon and her label, L.A.M.B., is a great representation of excellent taste. The label takes classic silhouettes and bumps them up a notch without sacrificing quality. The fashion label's shoes and handbags are my favorite. Though they'll cost you a pretty penny, the leather used for the shoes and bags is premium quality. My mom just bought the pair of shoes pictured above off of Ebay for a steal. Not to mention, she has a tote bag that I've been coveting for the past year. If only I had size 8 feet and could walk in three inch stilettos (sigh).

You Know You Got Accepted When...

fidmpolkadotsSo, I got my official acceptance letter and guess what came with it?! A TOTE BAG!!! You know you're going to a fashion school when they send you a tote bag with your acceptance letter. haha. I also found out that one my classes at ASU counts for one of the classes in my curriculum for FIDM. That's one less class I have to take and hopefully can graduate faster. =)

No real developments though. Jobs are a big part of the process and right now things are not looking too bright. School starts in October, so we have five months to find jobs and a place to live in either L.A. or San Francisco. Again, if you know of anything in IT industry out there, please let us know! Please pray for us too!fidmtote-bag