L.A. Vacation with Airbnb


School is out and summer vacation season is upon us. Where are you going this summer? If you live in Arizona there's a good chance that you are planning a weekend getaway to the California coast. A six hour drive from Phoenix to L.A. is easy as pie, but what happens when you get there?

In years past we have gotten an inexpensive stay at a hotel, but then we spend the rest of our trip completely relying on Yelp and Google to find the top eats and things to do. Though we have always had fun, the places that are usually recommended to us are tourist spots.


I would consider Ryan and I foodies. He loves craft beers and I love locally roasted coffee. He loves good bourbon and I love obscure food pairings. We also enjoy modern architecture and interiors and we have never been able to afford a hotel that meets our design taste. With the help of Airbnb we have found some seriously awesome modern homes to stay for families of all sizes, and with the help of Pinterest, I've put together a one-stop-shop experience of places to eat, shop and stay with a click of a button. Check it out, click here. I've also included some of my favorite travel bags, snack recipes and travel tips.

I hope you enjoy, and definitely let me know if there are other L.A. spots I should add.

L.A. photo by Super Duper Brick, Laguna BeachAlfred Coffee,

You Know You Got Accepted When...

fidmpolkadotsSo, I got my official acceptance letter and guess what came with it?! A TOTE BAG!!! You know you're going to a fashion school when they send you a tote bag with your acceptance letter. haha. I also found out that one my classes at ASU counts for one of the classes in my curriculum for FIDM. That's one less class I have to take and hopefully can graduate faster. =)

No real developments though. Jobs are a big part of the process and right now things are not looking too bright. School starts in October, so we have five months to find jobs and a place to live in either L.A. or San Francisco. Again, if you know of anything in IT industry out there, please let us know! Please pray for us too!fidmtote-bag