Pinterest 101 Class with Bloguettes


We all know that Pinterest is a mega force in the social media world. In fact, it's the 3rd largest social platform and it's only 4 years old (Facebook is 10 and Twitter is 8). Pinterest is also responsible for 43% of e-commerce referral traffic. That's a BIG slice of the pie for being only four years old! If you are a small business owner or blogger looking to have a strong social presence you definitely need to be on Pinterest, but what to do with your account is another question. How do you grow a following? How do you get people to repin your images? How do you get traffic back to your site? Those are the questions everyone is asking, and those are the questions I'm going to answer at my Pinterest 101 class with the Bloguettes.

Be there! Register here!

Date: Wednesday, November 12th Time: 6pm to 8pm Place: Wela Creative Studio (7147 E. Rancho Vista Drive, Ste. B37 in Optima Camelview) Cost: $35

I hope you can make it! It's going to be a lot of fun!

Come to My Class!

I found out about this cool place called JAM from my friend Katrina over at Hey Little Birdie, and fell in LOVE! JAM is very unique because they sh0wcase only handmade things designed by mostly local artists, AND they also function as a community center in that they invite different artists to come a teach classes!!! They range from making furniture out of palettes (I REALLY want to take that class) to sewing handbags to making yummy brownies! It's such a brilliant idea, and a great way to build community!

So, I was invited to join in on the fun, and teach a class too! WOOHOO! I'll be sharing the top staples every gal should have in their closet, some trends to stay up to date on AND each person from the class is asked to bring five items that they own and want to know how to wear better. FUN, right?

The class is on Wednesday, September 28th from 6:30pm to 8pm. Spots are limited. You can register by sending a FB message to JAM and just mention my class. The class costs $15! I hope to see some of you there!

So Proud!

ryan1Today is a big day for the love of my life, Ryan Evjen. He has his last class EVER before walking across the stage on Saturday morning in his cap, gown and hood (so fashionable) to receive a Masters of Science in Information Management from Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business. I couldn't be more proud! It has been a long journey for us. He has worked a full-time job, while going to school full-time (night classes), continuing to work on his side business (Visdom, LLC), being a wonderful husband, brother, son and friend. He sure deserves a vacation and a margarita! Thankfully, we have a summer to relax with each other before I embark on the same journey. Whew!

Thank you to all of our friends and family out there for loving and supporting us through this season. Your prayers and encouragement have gone a long way!

Please pray for Ryan during this last final exam (6pm tonight).

These should be maragaritas....or beer.

You Know You Got Accepted When...

fidmpolkadotsSo, I got my official acceptance letter and guess what came with it?! A TOTE BAG!!! You know you're going to a fashion school when they send you a tote bag with your acceptance letter. haha. I also found out that one my classes at ASU counts for one of the classes in my curriculum for FIDM. That's one less class I have to take and hopefully can graduate faster. =)

No real developments though. Jobs are a big part of the process and right now things are not looking too bright. School starts in October, so we have five months to find jobs and a place to live in either L.A. or San Francisco. Again, if you know of anything in IT industry out there, please let us know! Please pray for us too!fidmtote-bag