Disco Fever

Session Nine Photography and I teamed up to create a fun and funky disco shoot for their good friend Christine Valero.

At first this shoot was supposed to be 70's bohemian inspired, but once I met Christine I realized what a fire cracker she is. I mean, this woman has three pairs of disco boots. No lie! She's a talented hairstylist with engine red hair, she has this charisma that is infectious and a closet full of clothing that represents every time period. So even though she had elements of 70's bohemian...this gal was all disco in my eyes.

We combined the tomboy spirit of Farrah Fawcett with the colorful and crazy rock vibe of Debbie Harry from Blondie. I just pulled fun clothes and shoes from her closet and she brought a truck load of fun things like a skate board and a bike. Jessica and I took her to a giant vacant parking lot near my house.

Jess brought some tunes, and we just had a blast being silly and loud. Side note - if you're not have a blast, laughing and playing on shoots then you're missin' out.


Please Don't - Bodycon Mini

bodyconskirt6Here's another wish from me to the public...Please don't wear bodycon mini's... Talk about a serious flashback to the 80's. I haven't seen something like this since Julia Roberts was in Pretty Woman. Even then they used a body double for a lot of the scenes when she was wearing the bodycon dress with cutouts. I can only imagine the insane amount of underwear lines you get with these skirts too! (Don't even think about going commando!) Anyone else with me ?


Turquoise Eye Shadow

292x495_photo21528So, I'm wearing turquoise eye shadow today because I felt like having some fun and getting out of my routine of wearing pink of and gold. It is becoming a popular trend for summer and I'm glad because for so long wearing blues on your lids was very "80's" and out-of-date, especially if you added pink blush and lipstick. 156_largeturquoise-eye-shadowturquoise-eye-shadow2