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When was the last time you completely overhauled your underwear drawer? I mean, seriously, got rid of any torn, worn, old or stained panties, bras and socks. I'll be honest with you guys, it has been years since I have really done that. During my first pregnancy I bought a bunch of new underwear to get me through all of my body changes, and out of sheer laziness I kept underwear that was too big or past its prime because I knew I was going to be pregnant again soon. Now that we have had our second baby and I'm back to my normal body shape, I did a MUCH needed overhaul on my "unmentionables" thanks to Kohl's.

I spent three years of my life as a personal stylist brutally going through my clients' drawers and closets getting rid of anything that didn't fit. I don't know why it took me so long to do the same for myself. Now that I've done it I feel so much more organized. My body is also happier because I'm finally wearing underwear that looks pretty and fits right.

One thing that most people don't know when they purchase underwear is that they should most often buy a size larger than their dress size. Say, what?!

Many people purchase underwear using their dress size, but most underwear falls at the widest parts of our bodies - our hips. That usually qualifies going up one more size. I'm a size 6, but my hips, tummy and butt are more like an 8/10. So, even though I wear medium tops, skirts and dresses, I buy size large in underwear. Doing this will also help avoid indentations and muffin top.

Another thing people don't know is that they need to branch out into different styles and brands to provide various shapes and styles to compliment the dresses, skirts and pants they will be wearing. If you wear jeans daily you can pretty much wear whatever panties you want, but that's not the reality of most women's wardrobes. So, I purchased bikinis, boy shorts, and thongs to meet all of my needs. In addition to different styles you also want to have different colors. Black, white, skin-tone are the main ones to have, and then you can go from there. Subtle patterns are fun to have, but make sure you have plenty of solid pairs of panties because those will show the least underneath your clothing.

I've written out all of the items I purchased, which can be used as a shopping list for your underwear overhaul. If you allocate $200 you can get three new bras, 9 pairs of underwear, socks and tanks during the Kohl's intimates sale taking place from March 3rd to March 16th at your local Kohl's and online. For every $40 you spend you get $10 off. Plus, there will be bonus deals available. Include INTIMATES10 promo code when you purchase online. 

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Photos by Rennai Hoefer.

Please Don't - Bodycon Mini

bodyconskirt6Here's another wish from me to the public...Please don't wear bodycon mini's... Talk about a serious flashback to the 80's. I haven't seen something like this since Julia Roberts was in Pretty Woman. Even then they used a body double for a lot of the scenes when she was wearing the bodycon dress with cutouts. I can only imagine the insane amount of underwear lines you get with these skirts too! (Don't even think about going commando!) Anyone else with me ?


Day of the week Undies

juicy-fruitOkay, how many of you girls (maybe boys...) had day of the week undies when you were six? I know I did. Well, Stella McCartney has come out with "Juicy Fruits," fruit of the day undies for grown women. (Too bad Juicy Couture didn't think of this.) I think it's pretty clever and nostalgic. See for yourself and let me know your thoughts! Monday, watermelon; Tuesday, strawberry; Wednesday, cherry; Thursday, pineapple; Friday, apple; Saturday, grapes.....Sunday, a record player? Weird....